It's time to prune the Fico vines

Now the moment has come to prune the Fico vines according to the guidelines of the biodynamic calendar.

Particular attention must be given to the pruning: we need to try to regulate the balance of the vines by creating an equilibrium of the number of new shoots  - therefore the buds - keeping in mind what we want to achieve at the time of the maturing of the leafing of the plant: this is when the quality of the pruning on the vine can be seen clearly.

Our objective is the provoke as little impact as possible on the vine, taking care to limit the cutting to enable the subsequent healing of the plant.To use a simple example, in the vineyard we use the expression ‘tagli sporchi’ meaning an incomplete or ‘unneven' removal of the woody parts of the shoots which will in time dry and become withered and then subsequently removed, in order to avoid any wounds by cutting to much in to the plant and damaging the lymphatic system of the branches and stems.

The result of this approach is the creation of a type of protective cord which may seem random in appearance but is particularly functional: after all the focus of the cultivation of the vines starts here, a focus on the health and the wellness of the plants which, will in time produce the grapes.