The Team

Without whom all this would never have been possible


Laura Lenzi

Capo Campagna

I believe this project, the making of Fico, has allowed me to help create a wine of outstanding quality while facing the challenge of respecting without exception the environment of this unique territory, only a few steps away from the city of Florence. 

It has taken a great amount of time and energy to achieve but I believe only with the conviction to experience and necessitate change can we make something better, something truly special. 


Claudio giglioni

Capo Cantiniere

Fico is a 'natural wine', a wine I find particularly interesting and as Fico 2015 attests, the making of a good wine can mean the making of a 'simple' wine, this does not mean easy, I would say it is authentic in its simplicity.

The making of Fico doesn't use sophisticated technology or any type of miraculous enological wonders but instead demands a particular attention and kindness to preserve the value of the grape, the single most important raw material in the making of wine.