Per Filo

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The idea behind Per Filo was to produce a new wine that was in line with the atmosphere and experiences that Filippo encountered during his sabbatical year travelling the world. On his return to the family home at Villa Le Corti, Filippo decided to put his new-found into action in a project with his father. Having already understood exactly what it took to produce a great wine he set out with a clear aim: to create a wine that would symbolise a new direction for production, working in harmony with the rhythm and biological cycles of the vines and nature. For Filippo, this project was not only a modern take on the example set by his family, but also an authentic philosophy for life.


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After two years Clotilde and Duccio, Filippo’s parents, in keeping with Fico Wine’s philosophy, continued Filippo’s work following the 2017 harvest. Together with Laura and Claudio, in spite of the difficult vintage, they produced the second wine that Filippo had envisaged.

2017 therefore marked PerFilo’s first harvest, 100% sangiovese, dedicated to Filippo.

Taken from a section of the Gugliaie vineyard with less stones, but using the same biodynamic approach, Fico’s team produced a wine that truly embodies Filippo’s vision for viticulture. The 1,976 organically certified bottles produced also signify the future philosophy of Fico Wine’s partner in this project, Principe Corsini.