Spring has arrived and the temperature is rising so we have begun spreading preparation 500, also known as cow horn manure to activate the life forces of the vine. The preparation uses fresh cow dung composted and buried below ground in cow horn for 6 months, which, when unearthed has the look of dark humous and is odourless. As this is the first time we have used the preparation we bought it rather than preparing it ourselves.
This work necessitated in advance the collection of rainwater. We then brought the water to the correct temperature and dissolved the preparation while dynamizing the water manually for exactly an hour. It is stirred for one hour making a vortex or crater in one direction and then reversing the direction and making a vortex in the other direction. Through the vortex the maximum amount of water will be exposed to the air and through the air. The repeated stirring opens up a greater surface area of water than a still surface and gives the cosmic forces more opportunity to interact with the water and impart their forces, in other words to dynamize it. This water was then sprinkled by hand throughout the vineyard.
The area treated is relatively small so rather than using a pump we used a whisk brush and small pail to enable large heavy drops to hit the ground revitalising the terrain and its micro-organisms. The cow horn manure is in fact a powerful activator of the life forces in the soil: favouring the activity of microbes and the formation of humous, improving the level of absorption and water retention, regulating the ph balance and stimulating the creation of the root system. The preparation and its distribution is also important regarding the re- appropriation of those ancient bonds that tie us to the land, which, the use of chemicals has forced us to forget.