From the cellar diary

The destalking together with the careful selection of the grapes concludes one of the most important phases of our work. Having selected manually the grapes we filled seven of our ‘ barriques' or small barrels without the use of pumps or in order to limit completely the stressing of the fruit pulp and the skin.

We then awaited the beginning of the fermentation process which began after two days and continued for a further three weeks. During this phase any interference on our part is kept to a minimum: only intervening to stir the grapes daily, rigorously by hand, to homogenise the must.

On the completion of the primary fermentation and following a further week of maceration with the skins of the grapes we separated the grape residue from the fermented juice using the force of gravity, again without the use of pumps or mechanical presses, obtaining three barriques. Now we must observe closely the wine awaiting the onset of the malolactic fermentation process which results in a natural de- acidification and softening of the wine's aroma, flavour and texture.